To Do List

by Jessica Lohafer

I always function better if I have a to-do list.

Recently, I’ve been dissatisfied. I feel lazy. It doesn’t help that Bellingham has officially entered winter, or, as I like to call it, “the season of watching sitcoms on DVD and drinking.” While I love to re-watch Friends as many times as possible, I’ve decided that I need a challenge. I need to be shaken up. I need to get out of the house.

I’ve  decided to release another collection of poetry.

It’s coming out on Februrary 24th. I’m having a book release party at Honeymoon, which is behind the Pepper Sisters, if you’re a local. There will be music and art and delicious mead. I will have a new book called What We Can Not Keep. I would love it more than anything if you’d all come.
This means my posts may be less frequent here, while I make final edits and all of that business. I may just continue to post poems from the collection, as I complete them. For those of you reading out there, as always, thank you so much for your support. Things are going to start happening.

To keep with the theme, here’s a poem that may well be included in the upcoming book.
Happy Holidays.

To Do List

1.) Laundry

Every morning I pretend I’m six again. I put on every single thing I want to wear. I’m neon. I click when I walk.

2.) Buy milk

I can’t make it through a quart without it spoiling. The only evidence of my single lifestyle, I am considering soy.

3.) Make time to write

An eternal New Year’s Resolution more intrinsically tied to my health than “only drinking in moderation”. It comes for me, when I don’t listen. I try any excuse; it can not be assauged.

4.) Exercise

I listen to Marvin Gaye to find the bottom of my floor. I listen to Bikini Kill when I need to work it out. I have a weekly gym membership roommate dance party and when I shake it, the whole room gets down.
In the worst of situations, almost any pain can be alleviated by doing the twist.

5.) Sleep

Only when you slow to a stop, the crush of your fever’s fermata.