A Marble Precedent

by Jessica Lohafer

I went to the Seattle Art Museum today. I am consistently amazed at the amount of art available to me, that I never take advantage of. I decided it was time for a quick field trip. At the SAM, I wandered into a room featuring sculptures from the 2nd Century BC. This poem is about one of those sculptures. Bringing us to DAY 3! Staying strong! Also, if any of you out there are participating in 30/30, please send me links to your work. I’d love to see what you’re coming up with.


Day 3

Aphrodite Torso, 2nd Century BC

Even without your head
my stomach pulls in
Tight but not tight enough
the museum attendant who allows me
to walk towards the next piece
Instead of pulling off dress and boots
quickly comparing marble to skin
A frantic hope, it wonders
whether my body would have fit
then more than now