The Mutual Admiration Society

by Jessica Lohafer

Oh my, how the last few days have flown by. I am a few poems behind on this 30/30, so here are the missing poems. Also, Happy Easter! Let’s kick things off with a haiku!


Day 6

Slut Shaming

Five minutes at my OB/GYN
more guilt
Then six years of church camp


Day 7

*This next poem is based off an awesome writing prompt from Rachel McKibbens. Definitely check out her site; it’s fantastic. The link is:

Conversations with God in the Kitchen of a Bar

Will I continue on forever?
Will I find the right love?
You’ll keep finding your ex-boyfriends.
If I do, will it be enough?
Enough is baby bear’s bed. A golden street. The witch’s oven.
Am I going to have children?
You’ll have enough. Music. Huey Lewis. The Essential Big Bands. The Rolling Stones. Everyone yelling down the stairs to each other.
Will I get a terrible disease?
Time. This is a terrible disease.
Will tragedy find me suddenly, soon?
Tragedy is celebrity. Megan Fox. Her entire body.
Can I become comfortable in happiness?
Sand and sticks. Helium. Wet paper. Glue.


Day 8

Afternoon Shift

She counts the green beans
pickled in their jar
Pretends they’re jelly beans
or marbles
A prize to be won

She does not want to be discovered
is certain that confidence allows for
The disease crawling up her body
and forgiving her callous heart

She works hard at resistance.
If there are 100 biodegradable spoons
in this box,
reason would say 100 in another
These matters won’t just resolve
themselves. An inventory to

For every empty bottle of wine,
there’s one more to marry.
the radius is that distance
from the center point of its base
to its gentle edge
Curving in with its suggestions
not bothering anybody
not making a sound.