Opposite Sleeping Schedules

by Jessica Lohafer

A couple more poems, and now we’re all caught up. Currently, I am waiting to watch a French film called “Moon Child”, at the Pickford Film Center. It’s really exciting to be watching good cinema again; hopefully, tomorrow’s poem will be about whatever I watch tonight.

The poem I wrote for Day 9 is another attempt at a form I’ve been enjoying, let’s call it a dialogue poem. I really like writing down what people are saying to me, especially now that most of the time they’re drunk. You learn a lot.

Exciting poem news for Thursday! I am taking writing prompts for day 12. Throw me an idea in the comments, and I’ll write about it. Well, I’ll write about the one that I a.) like the most and b.) is the most challenging. What this really is, is a call for help. Because God help me if I can think of anything else to write about. Surprisingly, my own life isn’t the most fascinating subject in the world. I know, I was shocked too.


Day 9

Middle Aged Men Talking at Bartender

What’s your name girl? I think
you look like a Jennifer. Or a Stefanie.
No, it’s Brittany. You can’t be older than
22, are you even old enough to pour that
beer? Sweetheart, tell me your name.
We’ve been waiting for our drinks
for at least a minute now, do you
know who we are? I used to go to
this bar before you were old enough
to drink. Did you wear that to get
attention? Listen, I had to work
all day long. You wouldn’t know what
that’s like. Just showing off and making
quick rebuttals. Why haven’t you found
a husband? You won’t have an ass like
that forever, don’t fool yourself. Give me
a beer, damn it.
I know you can hear me.
I know you can hear me.

Learning to Dance

A step to the side
with your mouth shut
No matter what
don’t protest
In most ways,
it has already won
Curve in, let
your shoulders speak
to your submission
A careless thing
it keeps its
eyes on you, waiting
hoping for your fight
Keep tally at your side
only so many days
left, an oppression
that can’t sustain itself.