Seasonal Affective Disorder

by Jessica Lohafer

Hey, there, sun? Can you come back please, and keep me from getting all hella nostalgic? Come on. It’s not 2007 anymore. I am no longer licensed to mope.


Day 11


February 2006

I was wearing a blue dress
you were in the corner, black pea coat
I demanded your cigar
drank something out of your flask
We got together on February 15
promising each other,
that if didn’t work out
we would pledge ourselves
to fighting crime

July 2007

I saw you everywhere
one night
eating at an all hours restaurant
after last call
you pushed through the door
pointed one finger at me and
announced, to all visiting patrons,
Jessica Lohafer!
I am in love with you!

I have never,
not then, and not now,
ever doubted you.

July 2011

At your apartment,
Monique and I made small talk
with your older brother
We went to see the fireworks
come out over the water
Got way too drunk.
Held hands
played air hockey

One block away from my house,
you kissed me
I had hung out with you for a week
willing this to happen
After it all, I avoided that corner.
Still do.