Everything in Season

by Jessica Lohafer

When you’re buying an avocado,
he says,
it’s not quite like buying any other piece of produce.
You can’t just give it a quick rap on its side,
to judge firmness or readiness to eat.
You have to take it in your hands.
Sure, some would say that’s an infringement of
trust, that your grocery store companions would
never appreciate you manhandling their
fruit that way, but there’s just no way around
it. Grasp it lightly, press, ask yourself,
‘what’s the time commitment I’m
willing to make here? Am I thinking
fajitas? Or can this fruit wait a hot
minute, and become something better still
on my window sill in a couple of days?’
It’s important to consider these things.
You could be going out of town, and then
the poor thing is just going to go to waste.
If left alone, for too long, it might grow legs
and start thinking for itself, or, worse,
fraternizing with any number of exotic
vegetables. Those carrots, you know,
can be kind of easy. Slender and welcoming,
they have no qualms about getting what they
want. Who could blame them? Is it their responsibility
to keep track of your groceries? But stay
with me, here, I think we’re losing
sight of the big picture.