by Jessica Lohafer

Hello, again. It’s been such a long time.

It’s been such a long time, that I went ahead and finished my MFA. And moved. And got a new job. I may have been quiet here, but I have been writing. If you’ve been with the blog for a while, thank you. If you’re new, welcome to this writing space. I’ve had a few things published lately: here and here.

We’ll have plenty of time to catch up, later. First, I want to tell you about a wonderful thing that’s happening next week. I’m starting a poetry slam. It’s going to be called the Write Riot Slam, and it will be at the Honeymoon (in Bellingham) on Thursday, December 11. Sign-ups for the slam and open mic are at 8:00 and the show is at 8:30. It costs $2 to slam but if you can’t swing it, just talk to me. Free to attend. All ages. Our first featured performed is the fantastic Roberto Ascalon, one of my long time friends from the Seattle poetry scene. I am so excited to see him perform. I am so excited to see all of you perform.

Let’s be honest, that first show will be messy. It will take us a while to find our footing, but I know we will. If poetry has taught me anything, it’s that it can really help you pull together in a time of need. And I need you. We all need you. We need your ideas and your words. And a little bit of your bravery. We need your patience. We need your excitement.

I hope I see you a week from Thursday, friends. Until then, be kind to yourselves.