Jessica Lohafer is a poet, feminist, and bartender out of Bellingham, WA whose work has appeared in Whatcom Magazine, The Noisy Water Review, Thriving Thru The Winter: A Pacific Northwest Handguide and Your Hands, Your Mouth, Drunk in the Midnight Choir and the Crossing Guide. Her collection of poetry, What’s Left to Be Done, was published by Radical Lunchbox Press in 2009. She has served as the Program Director for Poetry in Public Education, bringing writing workshops to schools throughout the Pacific Northwest. Jessica recently received her MFA in poetry from Western Washington University. Currently, she works as the Chuckanut Writers Conference Planner.

“I don’t know anybody who doesn’t love Jessica Lohafer on sight. She’s the girl you always dreamed would move in next door. Her poetry comes as a sort of paradox, because she writes from a youthful consciousness with complete control, as if a fully mature poet were re-inhabiting and recording all those twenty-something life passages with a light, surprising, but absolutely sure touch. She’s a revelation!”
-Jack McCarthy
Say Goodnight, Grace Notes

“Whether championing women’s rights of describing the sorrows of a man in a checkout line, Jessica Lohafer is first and foremost a poet of humanity. Her attention is tuned to the personal, even when confronting deep social injustice. Because of this, her poetry sounds like a new kind of rally cry – a call of compassion and humor that demands our attention.”

-Ryler Dustin
Heavy Lead Birdsong

Jessica is available for performances and writing workshops.
For booking inquiries, she can be reached at: